-        Added in the Employee Transaction Details, Clocked In, and Drawer report

-        Added in support for single value select parameters


-        Removed footer for all pages besides support pages

-        Fill report parameters with previously used parameters

-        Grouping and Subgrouping reports can now be printed properly

-        Code structure and re-usability for domain handling

-        Collapsed report parameters initially when viewing a report allowing for more room to view the report

-        User permissions when interacting with UI

-        Added in a loading overlay when exporting for a more responsive user interface

-        Added grouping to many more reports

-        The PDF, and print export for reports

-        Cross browser compatibility issues (IE 11, and Mozilla Firefox)

-        Domain API structure and security

-        The Item Sales Details report now marks hidden and deleted items

-        The Item Sales Sub Items report now marks hidden and deleted items


-        Error with footer covering up some reports footer row

-        Error with table going off page in a pdf if the table was large

-        Error with scrollbar displaying no matter the size of the report

-        Error with footer totals adding recursively when viewing individual reports that were grouped

-        Error with grouped reports not being able to be exported if they didnt have a group total

-        Error with UI when report was run without a date parameter