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About Us

EZ Software Solutions, LLC, provides point of sale applications for the hospitality and retail industries. We also provide video surveillance solutions for any type of industry.

EZ Software Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Total Computing Inc. founded in 2001. Our Point of Sale products and solutions offer the same capability as systems costing double or triple as much, but without the personalized business relationship. In addition to a competitive pricing, we offer the unique willingness to, and proven ability to, customize our product to meet any customer's specific needs at a price lower than our competitor's base systems. We want you to think outside the box, because that's what we've done.

We have hundreds of systems installed in table and quick service restaurants, bars and night clubs, grocery stores, clothing retail stores and in many other types of industries. Maybe you fit in one of those industries, maybe you don't. We will make our systems and solutions fit your needs.


We are a point of sale provider with a passion for building high quality software while providing an outstanding customer experience.

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